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ou de baixo custoQ: Is it possible to define a class property of an object so that it is accessible in a loop I have a class that has an object as one of it's properties. This class is being used in a loop where some of the items in the list are "missing". That's why I want to define a property that will return a string saying if the item is found or not. So, for example, in the code below, is it possible to define a bool property that is automatically returned every time you call getPropertyName? public class MyClass { public MyObject myObject { get; set; } public string myString { get; set; } public string myOtherString { get; set; } public bool HasObject() { return myObject!= null; } public bool HasString() return myString!= null; } var listOfObjects = new List(); foreach (MyClass mc in listOfObjects) // The mc variable should be an instance of MyClass here if(mc.myObject == null) // mc.HasObject() should return false here, since myObject is null else // mc.HasString() should return true here A: You could do it with a Lambda, but you should take a look at this post: In your case you could do something like this: }



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Download Autodata 3.40 Portugues Gratis (Updated 2022)
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