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I Love Me Some Him…

Ever since we came to Florida, my worries only intensified, leaving my spirit unsettled. Kingston was barely responding to any of my calls or texts, which only further concerned me. I knew my man could handle himself, and his brothers would ride it out with him; however, I just needed to hear his voice to strengthen me. Sometimes I needed the reassurance. I could sense my sister, so I knew that wherever she was, she was alive. Our bond was strong, but I think it would have been even stronger if we were identical twins.

My parents were worried just as much as Rain and I were. Kelly, Summer, Nala, and Imani had been doing their best to keep our minds off the fact that Sen was missing. I appreciated the girls so much and Kona for making sure we were okay. I got the chance to meet Kingston's biological father, Rosewell. His father was pleasant, although you could tell that he was about his business. His energy screamed boss on the highest level, and I could tell where Kingston and Ross got their cockiness and strong will from. The home we occupied was beautiful, and the beach view was everything. I couldn’t enjoy it how I wanted to because of the circumstances surrounding Serenity.

Rain wasn’t herself either. We were really missing our big sister. I prayed night and day that Sen would be okay and without harm. Because honestly, I would lose my mind if something happened to Serenity. Nala was over with her friend Imani, and they were in the kitchen whipping us all something to eat. I let Rain get Aidan, who was playing with Zion. It was so cute looking at the two. I excused myself for a moment to go out by the pool. I sat in the lounge chair close to the pool. My phone vibrated on the table, and I quickly answered it, seeing it was Kingston.

“Hello,” I rushed out.

“Hey lil’Baby, how are you, AD, and my baby?” Kingston wasn’t as chipper as he usually was.

“We are fine given the circumstances. How are you, Kingston? You don’t sound like yourself?” I hated asking, knowing I might get an answer I didn’t want to hear, but I was concerned with the love of my life.

He let out a deep sigh before he answered me. I loved him, and what a relief it was hearing his voice.

“Look, baby shit fucked up all away around, and I’ma leave it at that. Sen is still missing, but she is okay, and we are still working on that. I just needed to hear your voice. I’ma be real with you, Trinity. It’s a lot going on, and I may be out of touch for a minute. The streets don’t always let me be in control, but at the same time, I don’t need you stressing. I promised that I would get your sister back, and I plan on keeping that promise. If something goes wrong, you, AD, and my seed will be good.”

I didn’t like how he was talking, and I would be damn if I lost the best thing to happen to me. I knew I had to be Kingston’s shoulder because he was carrying so much. Kingston sometimes thought he was superman, but he too needed someone to help with the burdens he carried.

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