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Set to Release 4/20💥

My Brother’s Keeper Payback

War for war, bodies will hit the ground, and it’s something about payback. Kingston, Harlem, Memphis, and Ross are ready to battle it out and take the throne as the kings of Atlanta. The Lanier brothers have had their share of pain, but now there is no turning back as things heat up in the streets of Atlanta. Kingston and his brothers are facing many obstacles. Kingston has been forced to take over sooner than expected as he and his brothers dive deeper into the street war for Atlanta, and there is only room for one king. Trinity, Serenity, Rain, and Crystal are all innocent, but it’s not always fair in love in war. Loyalty, love, and trust are just the tip of things. These women learn it’s a job to be with a street king, and will they have what it takes to stand by while everything is in chaos? Harlem isn’t just facing the street war but Crystal and Rain have him torn between old love and new love, but there can only be one in the end. Trying to make sense of his feelings and love life in the middle of a street war it’s a distraction he doesn’t need. Who will be left standing next to Harlem after the smoke clears? Memphis has been through storms meant to destroy him, and with a second chance at life, he is more than ready to get his payback. Losing two people he loved and having a son, he knows he can’t blow it as they go to war against their enemies. Revenge never tastes better, and it’s a taste to truly enjoy. Will Memphis find peace once everything is over? Ross is proud to stand by his brothers, and he plans to be there for them as his brother’s keeper. With all the chaos going on from Atlanta to Miami, he has his hands full. Nothing gets in between family, and when Ross learns of the ultimate betrayal against his family, all hell will break loose. Who will stand as the new kings of Atlanta?

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