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Oouu! It's Valentines Day in honor of love day here is a surprise chapter to My Brother's Keeper Bk2

unedited edition


The adrenaline rush that I got when I pulled the trigger felt so good. I rushed to my vehicle and had to get out fast. I sat Zion in the car seat, but I did not have time to strap him in. I quickly jumped in the driver's side of Ashanti's car. Those niggas caught me off guard with their impromptu visit, but that only meant that I was about to prove more than a point to these niggas. If they thought I was a joke, they would learn that the joke was on them.

“Shit,” I yelled, banging on the damn steering wheel. As I thought about how those fuckin' brothers had just crashed in on me with that surprise visit. How the hell did they find me? But I should have known better. Chance's reach was far. I'm actually surprised that it took them that long to find anything out. Good thing I installed that camera system or those niggas would have had killed my ass. I felt terrible for Ashanti, but sometimes there are casualties in war, and she was one.

“Wah-Wah-Wah! Zion cried out hysterically as I whipped through traffic to get to Law's spot.

“Damn boy, will you shut-up!” This baby was getting on my last nerve with all that damn screaming. This little nigga did not like me, and I sure as hell did not care for his little ass, either nephew or not.

I needed to get Law on the phone, so he could push our plans up. We had been planning shit, and nothing was getting in my way of getting my gotdamn' money. I whipped in traffic to get over to Druid Hills, which wasn't too far. Law and his lil' shawty had a spot out that way over on Oakdale road. It was a short ride, and I was glad because Zion did not shut up. I knew he was my nephew, but if I had to hear him cry any longer, I would go crazy. A few minutes later, I pulled up at Law's spot. Throwing the car in park, I jumped out, snatching up Zion.

I marched up to the door, banging, not having time to waste when Law's girl came to the door with her face in a frown. I admit my cousin had excellent taste in women, but I could tell she had some work did like all these bitches did around here.

“Law isn't here. Jason, why are you banging on the damn door like that? Who baby you got?” she said unpleasantly.

“Man, Diamond, step aside.” I was not trying to stand here and go back in forth. I had bigger shit to worry about right now than her stank attitude. I pushed past her handing her the crying baby. Maybe she was good for something besides being pretty, wearing designer clothes, and spending money. I knew a bitch like her was too high maintenance for my taste, but my eyes traced her thick body.

“What the hell, Jason. You can't be serious right now. You are an asshole and what you not about to do is disrespect me in my own home.”

Yeah, Yeah.” I waved her off because I needed to get my cousin on the line. Shit had to go down, and the Lanier family were gonna feel pain in the worst way.

“Look, Diamond get the kid quiet while I get my cousin on the line,” I yelled, making her and the brat jump, and he went back into a fit of crying. She could handle that, but right now, I needed to call Law.

I walked back to the room that I sometimes occupied as I pulled the burner phone and called Law. It rang twice before he picked up.

“Yo, Jason, what's up? His voice came through the phone.

“Man, shit went wrong. Those niggas found out where I was at. Ashanti is dead. I need you to follow the next plan because those niggas didn't give me my fuckin' money. Can you get that done now?

“Yea, cuz I gotcha, but I'm a need that flash drive as soon as it is done aight. Hit you once it's done.”

“I gotcha, you just handle that other shit, aight.” I hung the phone up. A few minutes later, he texted me for the location I instantly sent before going back into the room where Diamond was.

This shit that happened tonight did delay my plans just a little, but after tonight I know those niggas were about to see shit my way. I needed to get some shit from my place, and I know for sure the Lanier brothers were preoccupied right now. I laughed to myself because the look on those niggas faces was priceless, but I just wish I could see Chance's face when shit hit the fan. He would feel all the pain I felt. This was about more than this nigga and my father. It was what a nigga was owned. I walked back to the front, and Diamond had finally gotten the kid to calm down.

“Yo, Jason, what the hell you got going on, and whose baby is this,” she asked. Her voice was low but held anger in every word she spoke.

“Look, Diamond, I need you to watch him while I go out and get some things for him. Can you at least do that?” Diamond sighed before she mumbled a few curse words under her breath.

“I don't know what you or Law got going on, but I know it better not come to my front door. I'm too fucking cute to be in jail behind y'all bullshit,” she said, highly pissed off.

“I need you to watch the kid for a few days and tell me what he needs.” She looked at me crazily before shaking her head.

“A few days are you crazy? I'm not about to be part of no sex trafficking shit,” she yelled before looking down at Zion in her arms. “First, tell me who child this is, or I'm not doing shit.”

“Damn, Diamond, does it look like I would be part of some bullshit like that? It's my sister's baby, and some shit went down, and she not able to attend to him if you catch my drift. So that makes him my nephew.”

“You know what? I don't even know what your crooked ass into, but I do know that this baby is innocent in this mess,” she shook her head. “This baby is going to need milk, clothes, diapers,” she rattled off as she walked off. She placed him down gently, walked over to her desk on the side of the room, and started scribbling something on a piece of paper.

I snatched the list out of her hand as I heard her kiss her teeth. I went to the car, and I had to ditch Ashanti's car to think about it. I looked in the backseat and counted my lucky stars she had a baby bag in here. I rushed back into the house and tossed the bag to Diamond as she rolled her eyes at me.

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