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Kingston, Harlem, and Memphis Lanier are brothers with a close relationship, even when the odds have been against them. They made a promise as kids to each other to always be there for one another, proving that their bond is solid. Kingston is respected in the streets and next in line to take the throne. He doesn’t play about his family, money, or respect. As Kingston gets deeper into the game, the last thing he was thinking about was love. After a shooting that puts his life in danger, he crosses paths with Trinity Stone, who steps in to save his life. They end up having undeniable connection things between them blossom into something beautiful. Taking a chance at love, can he balance the street life, being there for his brothers, and maintain his newfound love for Trinity.

Harlem is the second oldest of the brothers, a do what ‘I want attitude and willing to ride it out; he will protect his family at all cost. He takes the promise of I am my brother’s keeper serious. When he and his best friend Crystal take things to a new level, everything is more complicated because he also harbors feelings for Rain Stone. Harlem has enough to worry about ninety-nine problems, and his love life is one. Who do you choose when both have a piece of your heart?

Memphis, the baby boy, has experienced hurt many times from people who he thought had his back. Putting his focus on the streets, he stands with his brothers as they rise to become the new street kings. A run-in with a beautiful young lady brings him a friend he needs to finally open and let someone in his world, but when an old friend from the past shows up with a surprise, he will soon learn nothing will be the same in his life.

Trinity, Serenity, and Rain Stone each have their own encounter with the Lanier brothers, and they quickly get pulled into their world. Nothing will be the same for any of them as new enemies form, and new relationships start, but one thing is sure that the Lanier brothers will be each other’s keeper.

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