My Apologies

As I would like to make everything perfect for you all the release of My Brother's Keeper (The Recovery) Book 2 date has changed. It is now set to drop 6/26. Thank you for your patience 💛In the meantime check out some of these great reads

Fatima Munroe - In Love with a Trap God 1&2

Tamika Brown - Let Me Love You, A Billionaire's Love 1&2

Rochelle Hansan - The Wrong Kind of Love

6ixx - Judas

Rena Williams - Perfect Imperfection A Boss Healed my soul 1&2, Love Has No Barriers

Candace Adams - Strangers, Strangers Still and Strangers No More


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Hello wonderful readers first let me thank you for your support and there is more to come. Your favorite twins Remy & Royal will make another appearance along with Ross Chambers from my brother's keep