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The hits just keep coming Check out TN Jones with this New Release

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Arianna Nelson faced love rejection from the Gerard family upon the biggest secret of her grimy nature exposed. Willing to repair what she’d broken, Arianna’s slipped further into the hands of an angry and confused Mason Gerard. Had enough of being emotionally and mentally tortured by her son’s father and the ‘what ifs’, Arianna made a decision that would bring peace and restore balance into her life. While fixing her wrongdoings, Karma banged on Arianna’s doorstep. Faced with a stream of chaos and uncertainty, Arianna’s old ways of being a jackgirl surface.

After learning Arianna’s treacherous plan to destroy him and his family, Mason Gerard struggled with reality and his feelings of loving a jackgirl. With his uncalculated playboy ways behind him, a more profound problem arose for Mason—being a better male role model for his son. As he ill-managed his love life while planning a bright future for his son, Mason’s world spun out of control—forcing him to either love Arianna or hate her.

Can the pair bring order into their lives as a couple, or will their lives forever be damned by the choices they made before falling in love?

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