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As wards of the state of Illinois, Judas and Messiah grew up wanting more. While one decided to change his life for the better, the other fell victim to his environment and circumstances. However, the plans put into place go all wrong.

Messiah wanted something different from the way he grew up. He worked hard to stay on the straight and narrow path, but it wasn’t always easy. Becoming a pillar of his community, Messiah often intervened in gang violence and was a part of the solution. He took comfort knowing his good deeds would be rewarded one day. Never in a million years did he imagine his demise would come at the hands of the one person who was like a brother during the dark years.

Judas had one goal in life: to have more money than he could ever count. An encounter with the woman of his dreams gives him just the chance he was looking for. When Judas betrays his best friend, the house of cards built pack by pack slowly begin to disintegrate, not just for him, but for everyone in his sphere.

Both men end up in a face-off that leaves one standing and the other in a grave. Is having everything worth betraying the one person in your corner? Take a ride through the streets of the Chi and find out how the consequences of money, power, and respect affect the lives of these two men and the people around them.


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