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Here's a little sneak peak to My Brother's Keeper The Recovery [unedited]


The only words repeated in my head were the doctor saying code blue, we are losing him. I sat in a chair next to King as I repeatedly bounced my leg from nervousness. Everything up to this point felt like my fault. I should have let my brother known what was up with his baby mama. Now, he was sitting fighting for his life, and my nephew was with that fuck nigga. To make matters worst, this nigga was in the city right under our fuckin’ nose. My head was hurting with a banging headache. I wanted to murder any and everything I was so pissed off.

It ended up being a big mess. The last people I wished to see were the cops, but the only good thing that these two were on my uncle’s payroll. I barely heard what they said to us. I was so zoned out. Not in any kind of mood to talk to anyone, these two cops included. Kingston stepped off to the side as he spoke to Officer Hernández.

I stood to my feet, walking away. Fuck the cops. I was upset with my uncle, shit, I was just mad at the fuckin’ world, and I didn’t know who was behind everything these last few weeks. We had niggas hitting the traps up, the feds sniffing around. These cops wanting to question us, but I didn’t have anything for them. I was not about to trust anyone outside of King and the niggas in this room right now.

Seeing my brother in his condition, I just prayed he would pull through. I needed my brother, and his son needed him too.

“Fuck,” I screamed, pacing like a mad man.

“Sir, please do not disturb others, or I will have to call security to escort you out,” this pale face ass nurse complained, which caused me to stop pacing momentarily. I bit the inside of my jaw, looking at this pale face bitch like she lost her gotdamn mind. If we were anywhere else, I would have put a bullet in her head.

“Yea, Karen, whatever,” I mumbled coldly. She could kiss my black ass for as I cared.

“My name isn't Karen; it’s Ashley,” she scoffed.

“Chill, Harm,” Kingston replied as he looked at me with a worried expression.

This whole day was fucked up; I felt warm tears flow down my face. I usually wasn’t the type to cry, but this had been too much today. All I could see was life leaving my brother, and that shit ate me up inside. Looking at my big bro, he was holding on better than I was right now. I could not control my emotions any longer as I begin

to break down before I felt King hug me the same way he did when we were kids. I felt like that little nappy head kid again when it was just my brothers and me against the world.

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