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Here's a little sample

This was a free style piece I did. Thinking about turning it into something more. Please leave youfeedback.

‼️CRAVE ‼️Unedited

Unique stood in her mirror in her cream colored suit as she smoothed the wrinkles out of her pants. She flashed a genuine smile before pushing her loose strains back behind her ear before walking over to her vanity to apply a light mist of Gucci Bloom perfume as well as her favorite Morphe matte lipstick in shade Pep-talk that gave her lips the perfect shade of nude.

"Today is the is the day,"she mumbled as she coached herself.

Grabbing her keys fob and one of her designer purses she was ready to meet the man who cost her so much distress and doubts in her life. Taking ther steps one at a time to reach the front door she looked at over her home once more before exiting. The cool Carolina air hit her face as she climbed in her Audi S7. A gift her soon to be exit husband purchased as an apology gift. Unique had done her best to keep her husband happy and satisfied over the years but he didn't appreciate the woman she was.

Unique brought her car to life and pulled out of her driveway slowly as she commanded Alexa to play H.E.R "Damage." She sing each lyric and felt each word just the same. She made a quick stop to her favorite coffee stop Urban Grind. The coffee was so tasty along with their smoothies. She found her a parking spot close by as she walked into the coffee shop. There was a line but she was willing to wait because she had made good timing. She pulled her Note 20 as she scrolled throughout Twitter laughing to herself at different tweets.

As she stood waiting she felt the hairs of her neck stand and her heart began to pump harder out of nowhere. The fresh smell of sweet yet spicy sandalwood and leather hit her nostrils. She slowly turned as the barista called an order moving the long line up. She looked at a 6’2 muscular frame. His skin was the perfect color of carob brown and his skin held two visible tattoos that did a peek-a-boo effect across his chest because the breathtakingly handsome stranger's shirt's first three buttons were unbuttoned. The navy and the mustard button down he wore made his dark carob brown skin pop. Staring into the strangers dark chocolate orbs held her captive.

He flashed a kind smile as his eyes appreciated what the cream color suit held. Unique 5'carob ck frame and brown sugar skin glowed as the stranger inspect her every feature before nodding given her courtesy. Unique could not understand why her body was going haywire but when their eyes finally locked it was as if he put her under a spell that made her crave him. Unique lips formed a smile at the stranger and she quickly turned around to gather herself.

"Girl get it together," she told herself but it didn't stop the moistness that formed between her legs. She finally place her order and stepped to the side so the handsome stranger could place his order. The barista called two more orders before taking another customer order.

She tried to busier herself but her mind imagined the carob color stranger bending her over and sexing her senseless. As she focused back on her phone to try to void the nasty thoughts. She felt a gentle tap that caused the stranger to draw closer to her. This time as Unique looked she got a even clear view of his face. He had blemish free skin, chiselled jawline which held two deep dimples and his brows furrowed neatly along his brow bone. His eyes where of a chocolate color but held specks of green if you real close. It's like he could read her soul.

"Excuse me, I didn't mean to bother you but you are so beautiful to me and you smell lovely," he let a low growl out. Which made Unique blink and raise a brow.

"Did he just growl," she thought but quickly shook her the thought away. "Girl you are trippin today" she said in her head.

"I would love to get to know you. I'm Tobias by the way," holding his hand to meet hers. As soon as she touched hands with Tobias a current traveled throughout both their bodies making her nipples harden and mouth water.

"U-ni-que" she broke her name down into the syllables barely able to get her name out. Tobias licked his lips and all Unique wanted to do was taste them.

"Mine." She thought she heard but Unique had been trippin ever since this man walked into the coffee shop.

Her named was called and she let out a small sigh of relief. Taking her items from the barista. As she walking off Tobias stopped her again asking her for number as they exchanged with one another.

Tobias watched Unique leave out the door and her smell still lingered around. He also smell her aroused for him. Tobias was like most men although he appeared to be.

"Unique," he slowly said as he eyes flicked before grabbing his coffee and leaving.

Tobias was on a mission he had not crave a women in many years but when he walked into the coffee shop all his senses heightened. He slightly stiff the air and it lead him directly to Unique. He took note that she sifted before looking around landing her eyes on him.

Unique study Tobias as he study her as well. He was able to pick up on her senses without Unique knowing. He could hear her heartbeat thumping rapidly and smiled to himself as he could smell the sweetness that produced between her legs.

"Calm boy" he said inwardly as his wolf calm.

See Tobias was more than handsome but he was also a shifter. There were different kinds of beings that roamed the earth. After the short encounter they both went their separate ways.

Unique smiled as her divorce was now final she was a single woman. Calling her sister as telling her of the good news. Although Unique wanted her marriage to work it wasn't possible if only one person actually. Hours later Unique had let her sister convince her to celebrate her divorce by going out to live in her newly single status. The girl pulled up to a place called Crave an exclusive spot. Genesis Unique's sister said that it was only by invite. It was almost in a place that seem to be hidden from the rest of the city. The building seem like one of those country club building. Unique thought it was strange that it wasn't a traditional club but shook the thought off. What both sister noticed that the men and women of this club look beautiful down to the very handsome security guards. The place was breathtaking and it was not the traditional clubs Unique or her sister Genesis was used to.

"Girl these men are fine up in here," Genesis said loudly over the music as they stood at the bar getting drinks. The place magica almost. People danced while other stood talked among themselves. Some guy approached Genesis taking her away from Unique to dance. Her senses started to heightened like in the coffee shop earlier today before the sweet spicy smell hit her.

"It's him' Unique thought as arms wrapped around her pulling her back into a body. She melted before Tobias even spoke.

"You made it I see and you're mine." Unique couldn't fight even if she tried because she crave this man all day. She was almost in a dream state when she turned around to find Tobias eyes that glowed a green golden color. He smooth carob skin glisten as he licked his lips. That itself made Unique mositness flow.

"Tobias" she said in almost a moan. This time she knew she heard a growl as he kissed her lips and she gave in to the crave she was feeling.

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