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My Brother's Keeper (The Recovery)

The Lanier brothers are back after taking a major loss. The brothers are trying to recover, but things could get real ugly with everyone out for blood.

Kingston is feeling the pressure as he takes over the throne to become the new king. The stakes are higher with his new family forming. Enemies are lurking around every corner, looking to take what is rightfully his.

Harlem has more problems than the streets. Relationships were never his things, but when love grabs hold of him, who will he choose? Will he be forced to make a decision or string the two women he cares about along?

Memphis finds himself in another near-death experience. After recovering, his only mission is to kill the man who almost took his life. His mind is clearer, and his feelings have grown colder.

The Lanier brothers have their hands full as the drama continues, competition arises, and new allies form. Will they ultimately reign supreme?


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Hello wonderful readers first let me thank you for your support and there is more to come. Your favorite twins Remy & Royal will make another appearance along with Ross Chambers from my brother's keep