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at the end of the play, through the images of nilongo, we realize how lucky we were to have had great performances from our performers, who brought their own personalities to their roles and the music. with the associates rotating performances every night, there were a large variety of characters in the community, and their performances showcased that, from the clowns, who got laughs and hissed in disapproval to the millennial group who participated with fervor. when the women of the community, led by alva, put on their masks, we heard that special rhythm of violins in a way that only those dedicated to the music could.

child's play (2018): i loved this reimagining of the chucky franchise where chuck was raised by a group of children who perform in a childrens musical. i dont know why, but heres an eerie puzzle of one of my favorite toys as a doll. ive heard some amazing feedback on this film since its released. if you love horror films, and kids movies in general, you need to watch this. you can find it on amazon prime.

starting with the passing of chuck's parents, we see a lot of moods in alexs life as she matures: she meets different people who raise her, and there is a doll that frightens her to death. when everything changes when the deaths are revisited with the realization of the full connection, and the doll is revealed to be alive, and trying to get his new life as a child, it really has some pretty intense moments. the way things are set up, her original parents and her new parents all seem to be in support of her, but the doll makes her question the identities of her parents and herself. it is a great movie with an interesting concept and strong performances from charlize theron, who is excellent in every role. buy it on amazon prime. its a real gem. 3d9ccd7d82

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